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Игра Найди 5 отличий на картинках

The world of dark pictures, mysterious signs and a mysterious atmosphere is already here! 40 gothic drawings with beautiful girls, dark castles, secret doors and scary creatures are ready and waiting for you to solve all their secrets! Due to the Gothic style, it becomes more difficult to look for differences, since mutated objects on a dark background are almost invisible. Here no one limits you in time and in the number of clicks, so you will sit at the picture until you open each of its secrets.
The world of evil tales and dark magic is beautiful.

Let it not be endowed with all the colors of the rainbow, but be limited only to the dark spectrum, the pictures presented here are breathtaking and make them pass through again and again. The goth girl is in a different reality, where old trains still ride, or a demoness with dark wings and snow-white hair - this is only a small part of what you can see here. More than 40 drawings will take you to another world and without going through them you will not be torn off from this fascinating activity!

The game can find 5 differences in the pictures, maybe not all will suit everyone, but we are sure that in the audience of our portal there will be connoisseurs of the Fantasy genre who will come to indescribable delight from what they see! Anime lovers will also be delighted, as there will be several drawings made in the popular Japanese style. Find 5 differences on each of the pictures, and if it doesn’t work, then use the tooltip that becomes active every 30 seconds! But using them is not very interesting, resort to tips only in the most extreme case!

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