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Игра (Мопе ио)

Game Sea io will allow you to feel like a small animal, a small mouse, the purpose of which is to collect food. Your character in is very dependent on water, you can monitor its level using the indicator, which is located at the bottom of the screen. If he drops to a critical point, death will come and the game will begin anew. Your hero also depends on other animals that will threaten your health.

Sea io (there are other names for sour io or sour io) - a fascinating multiplayer game that allows you to feel the real spirit of competition from the first minutes. You need to be careful and not to meet objects surrounded by a red outline, they are a clear threat and affect the level of your life.

On the contrary, you should try to get to objects marked with a green outline - they are your food and the main goal, however, be careful not to die in a competitive battle. So, the main rule of this game: everything that is marked with a green border is edible, healthy and increases your size and, accordingly, standard of living, and everything that is marked in red is a threat and really wants to deal with you.


Play Sea io online will appeal to both children from 3 years old and teenagers, as the online arcade does not have super-graphics, but offers users excellent gameplay. You can select the server of the corresponding region. Play with compatriots and players from around the world. Prove to the world community that it is your mouse that is the most agile and strong.

If you play in full-scale mode and expand the Sea of ​​Io to the full screen, you will be able to fully enjoy graphic and animation solutions.


Сражаться в можно бесконечно. Это затягивающая игра, которая доставит вам массу удовольствия. Управление осуществляется преимущественно мышью, но для того, чтобы нырнуть под воду, вам необходимо будет зажать клавишу W. Однако, если ты думаешь, что спрятавшись под воду, ты решишь все свои проблемы — зарядишь свой уровень воды и скроешься от потенциально опасных животных, будь осторожен! В воде тоже обитают опасные животные!

Playing in full screen is much more convenient than in minimized format - you can see most of the map, which means the main points of replenishment of water and enemies, which at any time may attack you. In any case, you will have access to a small diagram where you can find the location of food and water, obstacles and other animals.

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