Game Monster High: Tests for girls

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Игра Монстр Хай: Тесты для девочек

Many girls dream of having pets, but when they bring a kitty or dog home, it turns out that this is a big responsibility for which young princesses are not ready.

If you are also thinking of having a pet at home and are doubtful whether you can pull out a care for it, then the game Monster High: tests for girls is exactly what you need. A simple game test will help you to feel the difficulties that caring for pets imposes on the owners.

From the games you know that all the girls from Monster High have pets. Some of them care for their little animals and smaller friends better, someone completely forgets about them, making them suffer. Girls constantly compete and love all sorts of competitions. This time they decided to find out who at the Monster School is the best mistress for their pet.

For this, the girlfriends decided to conduct a test. In the role of judge of the test, they hired an independent expert. In turn, he will come home to each girl and evaluate how well she takes care of her pet.

This game takes us home to Frankie Stein. She adores her zombie dog and tries her best to pamper her. To best pass the test from Monster High, help the girl Frankie in the most ideal way to show concern for her Watsite in the game.

Carefully buy a dog with soap in the game so that Watsit sparkles with cleanliness. Now pick him a new color of wool, a stylish suit and original wings. Dress up Frankie Stein to celebrate the success of the test.

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