Game Monster High on roller skates for girls

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Игра Монстр Хай на роликах гонки для девочек

Do you like to drive on casters? Love the adventures of monsters from Monster High? And how do you like the idea of ​​participating in an adrenaline racing adventure on roller skates in the dungeon? Then start the game Monster High: roller skating for girls and help Operetta defeat all the monsters and get treasures.

Treasure Hunt

Once Operetta with the girls from Monster High once again ran away from school. So that teachers would not catch them, girlfriends went down to the cellars of the Monster School in order to drive on roller skates here. Monster High often played in this gloomy place.

Girls put on rollers and staged races in the labyrinths of the basement race. Suddenly, the Operetta weakened the lacing on the rollers, and she fell, so she lagged behind the girls in the race. When she got up and put the lacing of the rollers in order, she noticed a secret in the wall of the dungeon. A curious girl climbed in with her hand and drew out a frayed old map. It marked the place where the treasures were hidden.

Игра Монстр Хай на роликах гонки для девочек

Operetta remembered the legend of the sorcerer who walked around the country Monster High. According to her, a long time ago in these lands lived an evil sorcerer obsessed with gold. So that no one would steal his treasures, he hid them. Since the old man was already old, he forgot about the cache. From sorrow, the sorcerer went mad and rushed to the world of monsters to death, searching for his wealth under each bush.

Girls from Monster High have repeatedly played near his gloomy castle and organized roller skating races around the neighborhood. But they thought that all these riches about wealth were empty gossip. Now, having found a card in the game, Operetta realized that the treasures were real.

At first, the girl wanted to share the discovery with her friends, but then she decided that she needed the money more than anyone and she would find the treasures herself. The operetta has already painted in her dreams what cool equipment she can buy for her recording studio to play even more luxurious music. She dreamed of recording a new music disc, and the most famous producers Monster High will remove cool clips for songs. Operetta already imagined how she receives an award in the nomination of the best singer at the festival, etc.

In general, the craving for money and fame defeated friendship: Operetta decided not to share treasures with anyone.

Extreme mystic dungeon racing

Since Operetta decided to go on this dangerous campaign herself, you are the only one whose help she can count on in the game Monster High: roller skating for girls. According to the map, in the game the treasures were hidden in secret dungeons under the castle of the sorcerer. Exploring kilometers of cellars on foot would be tiring. A smart girl immediately remembered the commercials. She estimated that having organized roller skating on the sorcerer's underground possessions, she would save both time and effort in finding the treasure in the game.

And so she put on the clips and went to the nightmare horror castle. The prospect of driving one through the dungeon did not scare her. The recording studio of the Operetta was in the catacombs, and her father lived in the cellars of the opera, so all sorts of dark crypts and cellars became her home in games.

So, in this addictive adventure game for girls, Operetta from Monster High is already standing in the dungeon on roller skates and is about to make an adrenaline race. Your task in the game: help her master this deadly race. To control the race of the brave treasure seeker, press WASD. For jumping in the race, use “W.”

Игра Монстр Хай на роликах гонки для девочек

The heroine of the game Monster High: roller skating for girls turned out incredibly ugly. Illustrators, apparently, someone stepped on the eye, since they created such a freak out of the beauty of the operetta diva. But the appearance of the character does not detract from the interest of the game. But the bestiary from the developers of the race turned out to be truly impressive. The dungeon of the magician in the game they inhabited by terrible creatures. On the ground creeping vile one-eyed pink slugs, more reminiscent of ghosts or aliens.

During the race in the game, the girl needs to jump over these creatures, since collisions with them take away lives. And in the game, the dungeon thief is waiting for an air attack of vile Cyclops monsters with wings, like bats.

Help the girl jump on skates over obstacles and not get killed, go around the monsters. Collect treasures desired along the way. Next, the Operetta in the game will stumble upon the bandits who climbed into this dungeon. So that the brave girl could give in to enemies, press "Space".

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