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Игра Мир Винкс

This game is a walk-in game where you have to help the little ladies find the lost rings. Everything here looks exactly the same as in the school of Alfei. Follow all the instructions of the director, and then the implementation of this mission will be very easy.

Variety of the game

The game Winx World for girls is a joy, pleasure, bright and accessible gameplay especially for you! What is she talking about? Of course, the developers took into account that girls prefer different Winx heroines. At the very beginning of the game you can choose exactly your favorite character.

  • Main sorceress Bloom
  • Charming Muse
  • Unique Flora
  • Bright Stella | || 273
  • Текна или Лейла.

So you have the opportunity to choose the location of the quest and any two Winx transformations before the Enchantix.

Finally, after you have decided, you are transported to the scene. This is not a simple walker where you need to overcome obstacles, fight monsters or jump over obstacles.

Control Features

Each fairy stores unique spells in her arsenal, which you can easily use with the mouse. And your wonderful fairy will walk and fly when you use the arrows on the keyboard. Stars on your way will definitely come in handy, because these are extra points. Below you will notice a panel in the form of a bright rainbow with icons. They are spells that the main character knows.

Игра Мир Винкс

A simple click on any of them will activate the spell. An obstacle in the form of a door can easily be eliminated; you need to collect special keys on your way. If you suddenly fail to do this, you will have to start the level again. Without opening the doors you cannot find a single ring.

Detailed information on spells

Also, to open some doors, you will need levers, and sometimes a boiler spell. How to cast this spell? Just use the buttons on the rainbow. We will not reveal all the secrets, just explore the possibilities of our heroine Winx.

How to teach a fairy to fly? On your way you will meet small pink wings. As soon as the fairy touches them, an inscription appears above it, which says about the possibility of flying. As soon as you notice it, immediately fly after your goal.

It is important to remember that in the game Winx World, your speed is very important. If you do everything very slowly, you will pass the level with the minimum number of points earned. So if you want to show the best results among other friends, then act quickly and correctly.

Do you still have questions? Do not despair. Just click on the question mark next to the spells and a curious fairy will happily help you. And to exit the game, you just need to press the Z key.

Why are girls attracted to the Winx world?

Of course, once the main idol was the Barbie doll. But many girls have long played enough of them. Flash games with such a heroine still exist on the Internet. Now, today's dolls are pleasing in variety: from fragile bjd, the most diverse images to simpler ones - Monster High or Ever After High. Also, the artist of the world Winx also created the series "Friends of Angels", which is also popular, so there are plenty of various dolls, comics and cartoons about them. But what exactly attracts the audience to the Winx universe?

The Winx world attracts with its kindness, sincerity. These fragile girls with wings have not only wonderful magical battles, but of course also ordinary situations. Girls try not only to fight evil in the wizarding world, but also to learn friendship and mutual understanding. Also, these young fairies try to find their happiness and help everyone around, not only magicians and wizards, but also ordinary people.

They are very sociable and friendly, and therefore in the magical world Winx Club has earned a lot of honor and recognition, despite all the efforts of villains and ill-wishers. In this wonderful fairy-tale world, there is so much to make it so attractive to young spectators. This is really a plot that makes everyone watch every episode with pleasure and eagerly wait for a new one, attracts girls.

Игра Мир Винкс

The creators of the game took into account all the wishes of young lovers of Winx, because here you can find a completely fictional world or a fictional story, but a completely true events from the life of fairies. Special attention should be paid to the graphics of the game. Every little thing is perfectly traced here, you will see not only a huge variety of colors and effects, as well as other pleasant little things.

We will not talk about the ending of the game Winx World. It will be much more interesting if you yourself can find out how the search for lost rings will end. Well, if you went through the whole game, but you just want to repeat it all over again, then just select a different heroine and a different territory. The goal of the game will remain the same, but the look of the task will obviously change. You can also play with girlfriends. Guess who will complete the task faster. Well, now forward to the battle! The wonderful Winx fairies will become for some time one of your best friends. Welcome to the magical world!

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