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Игра Милая пони

If you love ponies, like a cartoon about friends from the fabulous country of Ponyville, are interested in magic, then start the game Cute Pony and take part in the fate of the main character. Twilight Sparkle is looking for a husband with magic, help the beauty not to make a mistake in choosing.

The main character of the game Sweet Pony is a young princess alikorn

Twilight Sparkle or, as she is also called, Twilight Sparkle - the main character of the cartoon about the fabulous country of Equestria "Friendship is a miracle." She represents the privileged clan of the Alicorn. These are the only creatures possessing all the qualities of the various ponies that inhabit Equestria. Alicorns have wings and a horn and have mystical abilities.

Игра Милая пони

Twilight Sparkle is very talented, so she became a favorite student of Princess Celestia. From early childhood, she diligently studies magic at Canterlot Castle. But when she met pony friends from Equestria Ponyville, she decided to move to live and study in their company. Together with the devoted dragon Spike, she comprehends the mysteries of magic and the secrets of friendship. She tells Princess Celestia about her successes and discoveries.

Twilight Sparkle Appearance

Cute pony has a very spectacular appearance. She has large expressive lavender-colored eyes and a proudly upturned nose. The coat color is lilac, resembling a gloomy sky. The sparkle's mane and tail are dark blue, like the night sky, with variegated strands of fuchsia and ink color. A smart forehead is crowned by a graceful purple horn. A distinctive emblem flaunts on the hip near the tail - a large pink star surrounded by small white stars. From her image, mystery and magic breathe.

Character Twilight Sparkle

At the beginning of the plot, the heroine of cartoons and games is drawn to us by a completely antisocial personality leading a hermit lifestyle. A cute pony gnaws at the granite of science for days, imprisoned in libraries among mountains of books and textbooks. She has absolutely no friends. She rejects any party invitations. In general, a real pony nun is a recluse.

But when one day, on the instructions of Princess Celestia, cute sparkle arrives in Ponyville, pony friends infect her with their cheerfulness and ability to have fun.

The game Cute pony is interesting the fact that in it Twilight Sparkle proves to be a true friend, ready to come to the rescue in trouble. A cute pony wakes up a desire in the game to participate in various activities: pajama party, etc. She found a common language even with a zebra from the forbidden forest.

Her planning talents and organizational skills served Ponyville well. Since Twilight Sparkle is very well-read and educated, he is skeptical of various fables. Despite her composure, she is sometimes irritable and gives in to panic.

Also, the cute pony loves to read madly, as she finds all the answers to her “curiosities” in books. And she also has 25 ways of magic and a talent for teleporting.

Game Cute pony: fortunetelling

Despite its scientific mentality, Twilight Sparkle is not without romanticism. Sometimes she is insanely lonely due to the lack of a loved one. Once loneliness so prevailed over her romantic girlish nature that she decided to go to a fortuneteller and find out her fate.

Игра Милая пони

In the game, we see how Sparkle came to the magic salon to a seer cat. On the table at the fortuneteller is a magic ball and a candle to communicate with spirits and conjure. Curious Sparkle tells the cat: “Look into the ball and tell who will become my betrothed.” But instead, the seer takes out a magic book in the game and offers the horse herself to solve this riddle. Moreover, the cat knows that Sparkle has an impressive talent for magic.

Pony Twilight Sparkle opens the book and sees mysterious signs there. Magical combinations of characters can evoke images of various princes. A cute pony begins to conjure. The arising images only disappoint her - one quality, like the Terminator, the other looks like a stupid goat, the third is a freak, etc.

Take matters into the game in your own hands. Use the mouse to click on magic symbols. Experiment until you help Sparkle cast a beautiful aristocratic pony that the princess deserves. Twilight Sparkle is counting on your help!

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