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Игра Малышка Хейзи: новая игра

This is another game in which you have to look after the restless baby Hazy. This time, her cousin, who is three years younger than Hazy, remained at her house. But the smaller the child, the greater the trouble from him, so now you have to deal not only with the fidget Hazy, but also with her brother, who loves to be naughty and constantly gets up to pranks. Fortunately, the baby's mother stayed at home, so she will try to help you deal with the two restless kids and tell you what needs to be done to make them happy. And you will have to do a lot, because it takes only 6 minutes to overcome the first level. In this short period of time, you will need to bring the happiness level of all three people to the maximum and only then you will be moved to the next level.

Baby Hazy’s new game starts when you are asked to help mom take the little baby to bed and put to sleep. After that, you will need to somehow entertain the baby. For this, paints that girls should like are perfect. But in order to draw, you will also need a table, as well as a piece of paper. And after you give everything you need, the naughty baby, having painted on a piece of paper, will get dirty with paints, so she will have to be taken to the bathroom. Then a little brother wakes up, who, judging by the smell, urgently needs to change diapers. With this in the game, an incident that is not very pleasant for the mother, will also happen, because the little boys are very fond of "letting out fountains."

When the baby is tired of drawing, she will start letting planes out of the sheets of paper, thereby waking her brother, so that mom will again need to calm her nephew. To do this, you will not only have to turn on the electric crib, but also prepare baby food. Well, then you will find many more interesting things. Remember that in the game about baby Hazy you need to do everything very quickly, otherwise you will not have time to raise the level of happiness.

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