Game Baby Hazel: Wash time

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Игра Малышка Хейзел: Время стирки

Little Hazel went out for a walk with Kitty, her kitty, when it started to rain. But for her, the rain is not a hindrance, because it is even more fun with it! Unfortunately, while playing the ball, Kitty jumped into a puddle nearby and stained Hazel. The baby does not want to give the mother extra trouble, so she decides to wash the soiled dress. You need to help Hazel do the laundry. But suddenly, after things have already been washed, Hazel sees that stains from the paint of the dress appeared on white things. This time, the baby still has to resort to her mother’s help to solve this problem. Here you have to sort things out, learn about the modes of the washing and drying machines, and then iron them and fold them neatly.

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