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Игра Маджонг Коннект

For the development of logic, spatial thinking and imagination, ancient China used a fascinating game, a catch-up version that is now in front of you. The game of mahjong connect, of course, has a number of differences from its forefather, but this does not become less interesting. Firstly, of course, they used to play with real tablets with various pictures, numbers, seasons, etc., carved on them, now modern technologies are used, and everything is much easier. Simply launch the Mahjong Connect application on a computer or other device and start playing.

Also, a lot of time was spent on preparing for the game, namely, on correctly laying out the bones in a certain pattern, now the computer does it . Well, the rules remained the same, just connect the pairs of tablets with the same values ​​and remove them from the field, as soon as all the bones are removed from the screen, you can go to the next level with a new layout. And the time allotted for the game will be detected by the timer, do not forget to look at it from time to time, and if necessary, accelerate a little when you see that there is little time left. Good luck!

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