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Игра Ловить рыбу на рыбалке

Walking along the promenade in the evening you can meet many fans who spend whole hours of their lives on this hobby! But for example, in bad weather or in the winter cold I’m unlikely to do it, and then the Internet comes to our aid! The game of fishing fishing allows you to engage in your hobby right online!

The game of fishing fishing, in a short time, allows you to become a professional fisherman sitting on a small bridge and waiting for long hours for his prey! You are given 2 minutes to collect the maximum catch! However, in addition to time, the wind will also interfere with you, and sometimes the waves appear! Throwing a fishing rod, you will need to monitor in which direction the wind blows, since the float will fly there. But the waves can throw your prey off the hook and prevent them from doing this is impossible. Fishing in this game is very similar to the real one.

First we throw a fishing rod so that the prey notice it, then a red exclamation mark will appear above her head, and after that, she will have several attempts to swallow the bait - most often (from 2 to 3), when she swallowed it (you will definitely notice it), it is necessary to wind up the fishing line with all her strength, however, in the game this is done using a small pointer - your task is to keep the arrow in its green zone, then pressing , then vice versa letting go of your mouse!

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