Game We treat Princess Sofia after falling from a tree

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Rating: 4.7
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Игра Лечим принцессу Софию после падения с дерева

An exciting game for girls who love the cartoon about the beautiful princess Sofia, want to personally participate in its events and gravitate to medicine.

It’s already been a decent time since Sofia moved from the village to the palace and became a beautiful princess. She used to love to play in the trees like a boy. Despite the fact that now she has a royal crown and a beautiful dress, she did not leave her village habits.

The hooligan decided to mock the evil sorcerer Cedric. Early in the morning, the princess climbed onto the oak tree in the game and began to shoot at his windows with a slingshot to prevent him from sleeping. But the magician's raven scared the girl, and she fell from the tree. From falling at the princess all over the abrasion body. Become a doctor in the game and cure the poor thing.

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