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Игра Корабли в море

A warship alone is fighting an enemy fleet. It has several types of weapons installed that help to deal with other people's ships, submarines, and even aircraft. You need to activate a suitable weapon, direct its sight at the victim and launch destructive shells at it. The game Ships at Sea consists of many stages, in each of which it is necessary to completely destroy the enemies and maintain the integrity of their military equipment. Regular updates help to do this - between rounds you get to the store, where you spend money earned in battles on purchases. Despite the interesting gameplay, the graphics in the 2D game, and if you want to control a ship in 3D, then pay attention to other games ships.

Your ship reliably holds its position

The virtual ship is in the voyage and during the raid it is attacked by enemy forces. They arrive from different directions and are trying in every possible way to destroy their opponent. Someone approaches a sufficient distance and opens fire from cannons. And someone is ready to sacrifice both the ship and the crew, if only to inflict the most damage on your flagship - some enemies simply go to ram.

The alien fleet is so interested in victory that it sends all its reserves to the attack. Very soon, submarines will begin to appear on the battlefield. And from the sky the ship will be bombed by brisk planes. Against these devices you also have suitable weapons. As the captain of a game ship, you need to specify which gun will fire. This affects what targets will be hit.

Игра Корабли

On the bow of the ship is a conventional barrel, firing shells at surface opponents. In the center of the deck mounted guns firing up. This weapon is used to destroy flying equipment. Insidious submarines tend to sneak up on your ship and cause fatal damage to it. But they are clearly visible on the computer screen and so when you notice them, start shooting at submarines with special torpedoes. The launcher for them is located at the stern.

During the game, the ship does not change its position, so that you will not be able to take a position more convenient for shooting. But the opponents almost always circle the adjacent waters, and you just have to point the mouse cursor at them.

All loot - for updates

The further you advance through the levels of the game, the more dangerous they become missions. Performing them without upgrades will be very difficult. The update store opens between tasks.

The game offers to improve the characteristics of your combat vehicle - to increase its integrity points. Other types of upgrades focus on the strength of the weapon, increasing range and speed of fire. For these indicators, the game made several stages of improvement. You can also buy special combat techniques that quickly inflict great damage on enemies.

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