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Игра Комнаты

The rooms in which we spend our life time largely determine our mood. Many people begin to feel discomfort and depression if they find themselves in an unsuitable environment. Game Rooms for Girls provides convenient tools for changing the interior of a virtual room. Here you can realize your creative imagination and create a dream room.

A room, as a reflection of a person’s personality

We often don’t think how much the objects around us can tell about our personality. For example, when you find yourself in a room filled with messy things and rubbish, you automatically perceive the person living here as a slut. If the room is made in pink, then here and there there are plush toys, you will think that there is someone who is kind and romantically disposed. Gloomy posters on the walls and skull-shaped candlesticks prompt the corresponding perception of the owner of the room - most likely he is harsh in behavior and often falls into depression.

The psychology of interiors can even be studied as a scientific field, but for a computer game we do not have to penetrate the wilds of human thinking. It is enough to understand how important the rooms are, not only in gaming virtuality, but also in the real world. Perhaps you should reconsider the attitude to your bedroom and finally bring order there. Or replace old and unpleasant posters. The game Rooms for girls will help to get new ideas about the arrangement of premises, to develop taste and abilities in the field of interior design.

Vivid colors and funny furniture

In this game, rooms for girls are presented in two versions . They are selected at the very beginning and differ from each other in the shape of the window, columns, the presence of a small elevation. Having decided on the type of room, you will be taken to the game interior editor. The top menu contains all the available options for items that can be placed indoors. By clicking on these icons you will see lists of available objects. Choosing something suitable, you still need to place it in the room, dragging the mouse cursor.

Before placing a bed, chairs, table, wardrobe and small additions, glue posters on the walls, hang curtains on windows, lay a carpet on the floor, it is worth deciding on the coloring of the walls. It changes with the help of a small slider, also located in the top menu.

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