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Игра Клевая стрелялка с улучшениями

Try to go through time and space while protecting your base from enemies by shooting and throwing various objects at them! In the beginning, you will need to destroy only stupid ancient people with batons and slingshots, but after a few levels the number of enemies will increase, flying dragons and monsters armed with huge clubs will appear! The set of weapons in this cool shooting game is also huge and if at the beginning you need to throw stones at monsters, then you can take an assault rifle or other weapon!

Hordes of opponents go to your base with a war to end once and for all with you! But do not be afraid, because you have a large number of different weapons! Three types and dozens of varieties of means for killing - throwing (stones, plates, etc.), bows (some of them magic) and firearms (pistols, machine guns, machine guns, etc.). Dozens of maps on which battles take place and hundreds of enemies and monsters, each of which has its own style of attack (melee, ranged, firing from above, magic strikes, etc.) and the number of lives. In addition, they have different sizes and speed of movement, so it is often more difficult to fill up a dozen goblins than a hefty giant or dragon. And the number of varieties of the enemy is really amazing: goblins, cavemen, birds, orcs, cyclops, magicians, dragons and many others!

The battle happens like this: your character is standing on an elevated site and attacking suitable (or flying) opponents. Throwing weapons are used every time right away, so the throwing force will have to be re-selected all the time. The rifle and gunshot give several shots, but then recharged. Each weapon has its own characteristics of slaughter, the number of rounds, ballistics and reloading. Aiming is done with the mouse. Since the game is divided into levels, you can buy new weapons (and something else) in the menu, for points you received for completing levels.

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