Game Chinese dominoes with levels

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Игра Китайское домино с уровнями

This version of the logic puzzle consists of 30 levels in each of which the tiles are located in the form of different towers, from very easy to complete to very difficult! True, for some reason, the counter does not work in this game, where the current time should be displayed, as well as the number of stones remaining and points scored. From the interface there are buttons that allow you to mix all the stones if you are at a standstill or find a couple using the tooltip, which by the way are endless. But the most interesting is the sets of textures for stones! In total there are 7 sets, one standard, familiar to us from other dominoes of this kind and 6 more unusual ones. The remaining blocks are in the form of numbers and letters, photographs of animals, as well as simple pictures that are repeating ornaments!

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