Winx Card Game for Girls

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Игра Карты Винкс для девочек

Love cartoons about the adventures of the Winx witches and looking for an interesting game for girls with their participation? Prefer to spend time with fun puzzles and mindfulness games? Then the Winx Card game for girls invites to excel in brainstorming. Be careful and find all the differences in the cards with the stories of the games about the Winx Club.

Challenge girls' attentiveness: find differences in the cards

In this game, on colorful pictures of cards, you will see different fairy-tale stories about girls of the Winx group. In five levels of the game you will meet with Bloom, Stella, Flora, Muse, etc.

Your task in this game for girls will be to pay attention and find the differences between the two cards. The first (left) picture of the cards is the original, and the second (right) needs to find the missing trifles. Total cards have 5 differences. They are so insignificant that you have to peer well to find them.

For example, in the first level we will meet in the figure with Bloom and Flora. Girlfriends carelessly sit next to each other and enjoy life. At first glance, everything seems the same in their images. But if you look closely, it turns out that on the left side of the card, Flora has a hair sticking out at the top, but not on the right picture. And such trifles in the game 5.

In the second level of the game we will meet a girl of stellar beauty - Stella and the founder of the Winx club - Bloom. Sorceresses are somewhat surprised or outraged. It is possible that Celina and Trix are taking over schools one after another, or maybe with the intentions of Tritannus or the fact that Darcy wants to take Riven away from the Muse.

Winx girls are dressed in bright dresses with flowers in their hair, so it seems that they are resting in Hawaii. And you know which one of the differences on the second level maps: the flower on the Bloom head does not have a middle. In general, you will find an exciting game to identify differences. Check how careful you are and if you can solve all the cards of five levels and find all 25 differences.

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