Game Horse Racing for Two

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Rating: 4.2
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Игра Гонки на лошадях на двоих

If you adore horses and are a fan of racing, if you lack extreme entertainment in your life, and your soul craves adrenaline, if you are looking for a cool race for two, which will be interesting Compete with a friend, this exciting game is sure to be to your taste. Run the game Horse Racing for Two and enjoy the courage of competitions.

Unlike other ordinary horse races, this is an original game for two, peppered with thrills. According to the gameplay and idea - this is a kind of Underground, only on horseback.

Just imagine that you are in suspense at the start. There is a countdown of seconds - and the jump began. In the game you rush among the fields against the backdrop of a beautiful mountainous area. A frisky horse from zeal literally prances and tears asphalt with hooves. One player controls the Arrows, the second - WASD.

As in Underground, in the lower left corner of the playing field you see a map of the race and can follow the route. The graphics and details are pretty good. The saturation of colors in the race is also pleasing.

The main difficulty of the game is banana skins scattered across the track. If you do not have the agility to dodge them, the effect will be similar to a car on ice - the horse will begin to spin. All this will slow down the speed and may lead to defeat in the race.

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