Game Lightning McQueen Racing

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Rating: 4.2
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Игра Гонки Молнии Маквина

The game seriously limits in time the cartoon car, the famous Lightning Makvin. The red sports car needs to travel a certain distance in a matter of seconds, so that additional time appears on the stopwatch on the stopwatch. If you don’t have time, the race for Lightning will end and only in the next attempt will he try to win the Cup of Speed ​​Cars. It’s easy to play behind the wheel of a McQueen - drive around the riders, pick up speed in straight sections and try to carefully enter the turns. This is the most crucial moment, because if you ride on the grass, Lightning will seriously reduce speed. But it is also impossible to brake excessively before bends, so as not to lose precious seconds. The McQueen Lightning Racing game, although simple, but very interesting.

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