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Rating: 3.8
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Игра Гонки ГТА 2

The GTA 2 Racing Game is based on the popular Grand Theft Auto series. In the mini version, just as in the original, you control a novice mafia, help him complete various gang tasks and become a major authority in the gang world. The game combines a fascinating plot filled with exciting missions and a free virtual world that you can explore as you please.

Dangerous trap of crime

Despite the fact that GTA games show some pleasant aspects of gangster life, after a brief reflection it becomes clear that no looted money and luxury bought for it is worth those horrors that are invariably associated with the path of crime.

Look at least at the game character of GTA 2 Racing! Having once committed some stupidity, he was deprived of his liberty, finding himself in the harsh conditions of a prison. Instead of correcting himself, he continues to aggravate his position - having made an escape, the guy turned out to be completely dependent on the mafia clan! Now he is simply forced to commit robberies and even murders so that accomplices do not surrender him to the police or kill themselves in a dark alley. Of course, even in such a life situation, you can find something pleasant, here is the hero of the game and seeks to climb the mafia career ladder, get the wealth and respect of other bandits.

It’s good that there are such games, and everyone who is interested in the world of crime will be able to play enough of them in computer virtuality without falling into the dangerous trap of banditry in their real life

Read dialogs and complete missions | || 274

В процессе игры вы увидите немало мультяшных роликов и прочитаете много диалогов действующих персонажей – так перед вами разворачивается игровой сюжет.

After escaping from prison, your character was forced to become an “errand boy” with the mafia boss. Before he begins to trust the guy with really serious tasks, he will have to show his skills in small errands.

Игра Гонки ГТА 2

For example, the very first mission will be to transport "a very valuable and fragile cargo," as the boss himself said - the hero of the game will need to bring the grandmother of his patron to her favorite bingo club. You drive a car to the park, look for an old woman there and take her to the right place. You should be careful in this mission, because the granny does not like to drive fast.

Many other tasks are also related to moving along city streets. The GTA 2 Race game will show the direction to the goal using a special pointing arrow. New missions will be much more dangerous - in skirmishes and pursuits, you must maintain the integrity of the machine and the health of the game hero.

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