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Игра Головоломка со спичками

A puzzle game with matches will save you from finding boxes around the house! Here, you can play a very cool puzzle game with matches right on your computer, so you can play matches alone, and when you learn how to do it, you can always go to the store, buy boxes and do this fascinating activity with your friends!

What you need to do

If you do not understand the rules, then don’t worry, in fact, guessing what needs to be done is difficult enough, because the description is not translated into our language! In fact, everything is very simple - the goal of the game: to prevent such a turn of events so that you have one wand left during the turn! Each move you can pick up a match from one to the whole row, but at the same time, your opponent will be able to do the same! Selecting the sticks, click on the red button and see how the opponent was like! In this puzzle it will be necessary to rely in your thoughts on the moves of the opponent, since by analyzing them you can find his weak spot and defeat! It will be very difficult, but applying logical thinking, in the end it should work out!

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