The game Where a person runs

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Игра Где бежит человек

You have been eating all your life. No, it’s clear that all people eat food all their life, but you ate it all your free time. Hamburgers, hot dogs, pizzas and other fast food have become your favorite treat. You could not tear yourself away from your favorite occupation for a minute, and of course, you grew fat. And besides, I got so fat that even usual clothes ceased to fit on you, and I began to lick my stomach from under my sweaters at the most uncomfortable moment. But even such changes in your body could not make you quit eating! And you didn’t even go to the gym to run on simulators, and with grief you began to eat even more, getting fatter and growing wider. The game where the person runs starts with the fact that you are running away from someone, and apparently someone wants to make you really hurt! Now you will find out why having a huge belly is very bad and maybe finally you will go running to the gym!

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