Fixiki game for two

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Игра Фиксики на двоих

It is not surprising that Fixikov loves a lot of children, and many even watch this fascinating cartoon with their brothers and sisters. Which is certainly very useful, because many episodes of the cartoon touch upon the problems of family relationships. So while watching Fixikov along with his brothers, sisters or friends, the children not only learn a lot about the arrangement of the things around them, but also learn to get along with their family and their peers. But what to do when all the cartoon series have ended, and you and your friends have nothing to do?

Fixiki for two game will be a great entertainment for a company of several friends, and for one person. Here, each of the friends will be able to test their logic, ingenuity and attentiveness, because you will need to assemble an interesting puzzle. And you yourself can choose the number of pieces of the puzzle that you can collect. In addition, with each restart, the picture will be divided into different pieces, so for each of the players, its assembly will be equally difficult.

Thanks to these features, this puzzle is best for holding collective competitions. Note the time on the stopwatch, choose the type and number of pieces of the Fixics puzzle, which will affect the complexity of the assembly and go! The winner is the one who collects the picture the fastest! Three different pictures are available to choose from, so you can hold the competition as much as three times! Well, having collected all the pictures, look for other games for two on our site!

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