Game Age of War 2

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Игра Эпоха войны 2

Here is the second and last part of one of the most popular military strategies issued in flash format by MAX Game. Unlike the first part, this game has undergone major changes, both in the gameplay and in the variety of characters. 2 new types of warriors were added, new skills, special abilities, turrets and improvements (which were very lacking in the first part). Note that the complexity of the game has increased.

Interestingly, unlike the previous part, the game Age of War 2 pleases us not with 3, but with 4 difficulty levels:

  • “Easy” - The easiest level, perfect for those who have just discovered this genre of strategies and have not yet managed to play the first part of the game. This mode is also noteworthy in that you will have the opportunity to defeat all the soldiers of the opponent and destroy his base. Even before you move to the last era.
  • “Mediun” is a rather simple mode made for those who have hardly passed the previous part and do not want to bother with calculating the correct location of troops and analyzing the enemy’s actions . If you just want to relax, then this level will be most welcome.
  • “Hard” is a rather complicated game mode, here you will have to miscalculate almost every move, correctly organize the base defense using the installation and timely update of the turrets and at the same time not forgetting the attack and monitoring the enemy’s troops.
  • «Insane» — практически непроходимый режим, начинать его следует в первую очередь тем, кто уже играл в Эпоху войны, причем не только первую, но и вторую часть! Но даже если вы «ветеран» и прошли уже не одну копанию, не стоит надеется на то, что вам будет легко. Противник будет очень сильно превосходить вас как в количестве юнитов, так и в быстроте развития, так что готовьтесь к настоящей схватке!

Gameplay Age of War 2

As many have already understood, your task will be destruction of the enemy base. But you need to do this before the enemy can break through and destroy your base. To achieve this goal you will have to hire an army, spending money on it and as soon as possible, but not at random move into a new era, ahead of your opponent. In addition to troops, you can build towers that protect your base from enemy attacks. To start, let's talk about the interface, which is divided into 4 large sections.

Your warriors

The first section displays the characters that you can hire at the moment. Pointing the mouse at one of the cells you can see all the characteristics of a combat unit, as well as the price for which you can hire it. With each new era, 3 new heroes will be available to you, and 4 will be blocked. To open 4 characters, you will need to complete a specific task written in his description (most often pump the very first skill located in the upper left corner of the modernization panel).

Attacking structures

There are two towers types: the former attack the enemy very often but with less damage, and the latter, on the contrary, less often, but their damage will be more. Which is better is up to you, but we would advise you to buy those that attack enemies with more frequent, but less damage. You can see the characteristics of the protective structure by hovering the mouse over it (knowledge of English will not hurt, but, in principle, everything is clear without them)

Super skills

In the game Age of War 2, available 2 super skills requiring experience points. 1 skill allows you to go into a new era, and the second to deliver a crushing super blow to the enemy, destroying almost his entire army. It’s beneficial to use the superstroke when the enemy’s warriors occupy the entire map or if he exposes exclusively the most expensive heroes against you, then the experience spent on the strike will come back, and sometimes even more than that.


Allows you to improve the characteristics of defense and attack in the characters of each of the 5 categories. Using the improvement before Insane is not necessary, but you cannot do without such complexity, otherwise the opponent, using such an advantage, can go far ahead.

Useful tips

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that your melee soldiers have much better protection than those who fire from a distance, and the shooters can shoot through one or two soldiers in front, which is why it is best to put them behind the soldiers, rather than In front of them. Please note that each of the classes has both weaknesses and strengths in relation to other classes of soldiers, as can be seen in the figure located a little lower.

I would like to remind once again about the use of improvements. On low difficulty, they will help you gain serious superiority over the enemy. Well, the last, but perhaps the most important thing in the game - do not overdo it with a super attack and use it thoughtlessly, otherwise you risk spending all your experience and lag far behind the enemy in the development of the era. Good luck!

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