Game Jake from Subway Surfers washes clothes

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Игра Джейк из Сабвей Сёрферс стирает одежду

Jake from the series of games Subway Surfers draws graffiti on wagons, and when a guard sees him, he runs away from punishment along the railway tracks, often jumping onto wagons. Such entertainment makes the clothes of the game character very dirty - spots of paint and dust are visible on it. Now there is so much dirty laundry that Jake started washing in this game. At first, his things are mixed up and you need to sort them into color and white - after all, washing clothes all together is impossible not only according to the rules of the online game, but also in reality, so as not to spoil it. To sort the game, Jake from Subway Surfers erases clothes and gives a limited time. After that, things are loaded into the washing machine and hung out for drying.

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