Game Fights for 2 players

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Игра Драки на 2 игрока

Martial arts have long attracted people. The audience, with bated breath, watches how hefty guys pound each other. Such show fights are even arranged between animals - for example, dogs and roosters. And the game Fights for 2 players shows how aliens from another planet were carried away by boxing. They entered the ring, ready to thoroughly beat the enemy. Will you help them deliver accurate strikes and timely evade other people's attacks?

Brutal sport

Once upon a time, men's physical strength was measured precisely by their ability to beat enemies. This was, perhaps, even in cave times, when the tribes had to defend themselves from attacks by representatives of other clans. And then wild animals had to be dealt with almost with bare hands - a bear attacks the cave, and the guards need to use all the power of their muscles to defeat the unbelted beast. Of course, batons were used then, but this weapon must be skillfully controlled with strong hands.

Modern boxing is a bit like remnants of those ancient times. Otherwise, it is rather difficult to explain such an entertainment - two adult men go out onto a fenced area and start beating each other with massive fists, sometimes causing very serious injuries. It is amazing that thousands and even millions of other people are watching this show with enthusiasm, enjoying the sight of especially delicious blows, after which the unhappy athlete unconscious falls to the floor.

Игра Драки на 2 игрока

Computer games can be seen as a step forward in the development of the boxing industry. Now lovers of such fights can not only watch fights, but also participate in them. At the same time, without risking health (not counting the harm from sitting in front of a computer monitor). Playing 2-player fights, you can even solve some disputes between your comrades - it’s much better than arranging real brawls in a fit of emotions.


Aliens in this game are not especially deepened in the intricacies of boxing. They did not deal with several types of strokes and learned only one thing - a powerful attack with the right fist. This technique is enough to achieve success in a duel. The main thing is to activate it in time and skillfully dodge someone else’s attack.

The game Fights for 2 players offers you to move around the ring only back and forth. But this is quite enough to perform a variety of maneuvers. For example, you can bring the character close to the enemy, leaving him no room for retreat, and start hammering him with his fists. Or, on the contrary, take your alien back sharply, so as not to expose him to other people's blows.

Moving around the ring should be combined with alternating attack-defense. When a game boxer puts up a defense block in the form of raised hands, the opponent’s blows will not be able to damage him. In this position, you can stand for a very long time without losing energy. To strike, you should quickly lower the block and then set it again.

Two-player fights and single player mode are available in the game. To win the match, you need to deprive the opponent of vital energy three times.

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