Game Make hairstyles at the hairdresser

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Игра Делать прически в парикмахерской

Do you like to mess with hair? Do you know a lot about fashion and style? Feel the calling to create hairstyles? Dreaming of opening your own beauty salon? The game Make hairstyles at the hairdresser will help you realize your cherished dreams by putting at your disposal a hairdresser so that you can do what you love. Immerse yourself in one of the best games about hairstyles!

The main character of the game is the lovely girl Dasha. She is as passionate about a hairdresser as you are. Almost from the very diaper, she loves messing with her hair. First she cut dolls, braided their hair in braids and made hairstyles.

Then the girl began to watch master classes by various famous stylists. I did not miss a single fashion show, I read many books on hairdressing. I even went to school with a fashionable hairdresser to learn how to handle hair. At first, she honed her skills, making hairstyles to her family, friends, girlfriends, and then decided to turn her passion into a profitable business.


In the game, we are transported to the new hairdresser Dasha. Let's immediately pay attention to the wonderful, bright and colorful graphics. Just what you need for girls. The creators of the game pretty much tried to make the game hairdresser as close as possible to reality. They also provided the game with a mass of detailed instructions to make the little craftswomen easier to play. The player will need to perform all hair care actions with the mouse. True, following the instructions in English is difficult, but, in principle, everything is clear.

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