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Игра Делать макияж для девочек

A lot of guests will come to the candy festival, all residents of the gaming settlement will take to the streets in their best outfits. In order to look their own in this colorful crowd, two girls decided to take their appearance before the triumph. They visited a beauty salon and ask you to give them a cool make-up, pick up an amazing hairstyle and the most stylish clothes.

Make friends with friends game Make makeup for girls offers one by one. First, you examine the face of the first girl, trying on it different colors of eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, specialized contact lenses, mascara, blush and lipstick. When the makeup is ready, the dressing phase begins. Click on different categories of items collected on a shelf next to the girl and you will see all the styles and shades available in the game. There are things for the lower and upper body, hairstyles, shoes, jewelry, accessories.

After completing work with one heroine, you can continue the game and do makeup for the girl’s girlfriend. Cosmetics are offered the same. But on a different face, they will look completely different, so you should try them all. But clothes and hairstyles are offered by others.

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