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Игра Человек паук 10

Are you looking for a cool arcade game for agility and lightning speed of reaction? Then run this entertaining mindfulness game and help the hero fulfill his mission.

Crazy metropolis in which there is no time to be bored with a superhero

Game Spider-Man 10 draws us the worlds of a busy metropolis in which life is in full swing around the clock. Here, something happens all the time and the task of Spider-Man is to smell something out and prevent disaster. The game begins with a screensaver on which the superhero effectively sits in the center of the web at the tip of the attack.

In each level, the game will transfer us to one of the places in this huge city. Immediately we find ourselves in a residential area between the jungle of high-rise buildings. Houses and other details are well drawn (for this, special thanks to the developers who tried on the graphics of the game). A superhero in his famous red-blue suit hovered in a spider pose on the web, fixing himself to a pipe in the very center of the screen.

Today, his mission in the game is different from the usual. Not all are Spider-Man to run after supercriminals of universal scope. There are also everyday troubles that someone also needs to prevent. Perhaps Spider-Man is too lazy to engage in such trifles in the game, but who, if not him ?!

Today he took upon himself the mission of an educator. And not in vain! A group of kids, left unattended by adults, decided to arrange a skateboarding competition. Having seen the stunts of extreme extremals, they also decided to play stuntmen. The little girl went to ride on boards on the terraces of the upper floors of high-rise buildings. If Spider-Man does not have time to pick them up in time, then they will fall and break. Your task in the game: on time to look at the baby with the mouse, so that the hero makes a saving spurt. The mission will try to disrupt the insidious Lizard. Do not fail! The life of the kids is in your hands!

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