Game Shoot balls: Bubble Shooter

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Игра Стрелять шариками: Bubble Shooter

Millions of games about balls have been downloaded to the Internet, and almost every one of them, in its design, has some distinctive feature. Somewhere, balls I launch frogs, rabbits and even otters, somewhere, instead of balls themselves, Christmas tree decorations, animals, household items and even aliens are invaders! Such games are definitely good for children who are in love with “live” graphics and beautiful design. But if you just want to relax a bit and like to shoot balls, then why not start with the classics.

The Bubble Shooter game is a typical representative of the genre and it doesn’t have any distinctive changes at all, everything’s standard for so much how much such a shooter can be standard at all. The balls here look like ordinary balls, without any changes and there are 6 colors - red, yellow, green, purple, blue and pink. After an instant download, you immediately get into the game itself, without viewing the menu and screensaver of the developer. Moreover, because of its simplicity, Bubble Shooter weighs only 100 kilobytes, so you can play it almost everywhere where there is even a weak EDGE connection to the Internet.

True, it should be borne in mind that not all mobile equipment can support flash the plugin, this especially applies to Apple products, but on android the balls should work just like on a computer, though everything will depend on your device, on the cheapest phones there may be small lags or slowdowns.

Interface and gameplay Bubble Shooter

But back to op Use interface. First, we should choose his language. Most often, Russian is automatically selected, but if this did not happen, then you can choose it yourself. To do this, move the mouse pointer to the lower right corner and select the “RU” item in the section that appears, next to which the Russian Flag is drawn. By selecting this item, all descriptions in Bubble Shooter become in our native language. Now we understand what other menu items are called. In the settings, we are prompted to choose the color of the field ourselves (initially it is blue), and you can choose any color from dark black to neon green! Next is a small tutorial and the last point is statistics, in which you can see the number of your victories and losses in Bubble Shooter, as well as the percentage of victories relative to all matches.

How to play

The color of the next ball will be displayed in the lower left corner, as well as the number of misses through which an additional strip will appear. It should be noted that a miss is any shot that did not lead to the destruction of a number of balls. to win, you will need to completely clear the playing field of the balls, if they go down to the lower border, then you lose.

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