Game Adventure with cats

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Игра Бродилка с кошками

Dense darkness fell on the wonderful kingdom of cats and cats. Evil dark power scattered small kittens in different parts of the world, and the queen cat completely disappeared from the castle. The servants and the inhabitants of the kingdom were seized with panic and disturbing emotions. All the fault of the tricks of the mysterious tornado that wreaked havoc in the cat kingdom. Ordinary inhabitants and royal persons of the cat world now live in fear and disbelief.

If you want to help restore order and overcome chaos, find all the kittens and return the queen to the castle, go through all the hardships and turmoil, then the game with cats will be a great activity for an exciting time. Famous cat and cat are provided to help you: Mimmy, the famous dancer of the kingdom, which has the special power of a double jump; Luke, the kingdom’s most powerful and brave cat, which is able to move quickly and endowed with a special gift - a “strong paw.”

Use the arrow keys to move around the map. Use the up arrow to jump up, use the down arrow to squat and crawl. Levels and maps are constructed in such a way that with each new task the difficulty of passing increases and the score is reduced. The faster you go through the map, the better your indicators become.

Mimmy and Luka can take several kittens on their backs - this allows them to complete levels much faster. Before going through the route, inspect the map and find the minimum path for the rescue cat under your control. In the game rpg with cats, it is possible to start the level all over again without losing the history of previous levels. That is, you can go through one level many times, reducing time. Become the most famous lifeguard and help cats find peace and tranquility in the kingdom. And all its furry inhabitants will be grateful to you.

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