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Игра Большая рыбалка на удочку

Do you think that being a fisherman is easy? Then try to get up at 7 a.m., cook food quickly and go to the river as soon as possible, taking your fishing rod and tackle with you. Then catch the worms that should be alive at the time of putting them on the hook and throw them into the water! Still not tired, good, because the hardest is yet to come, you need to pull the prey quickly and accurately so that it does not break off the hook! The game is a big fishing rod - it will allow you to do it anytime, anywhere!

After choosing a outfit for your character, drop the fishing rod directly into the circle marked in green and start to wait. Under the water, with white shadows, all the fish will be visible, so that you can choose the place you want to throw. After the hook is abandoned, the most important thing is to catch the mouse in time and sharply pull the fishing line toward you until the fish breaks! But you need not just to catch prey, but to complete missions that you can see in the window. And also, you have access to a store where you can buy gear and new fishing rods. Complete all the missions and complete the game, becoming an amateur, a master of your craft, rest assured, you will succeed!

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