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Игра Бен Тен Омниверс

Game Ben Ten: Omniverse is an adventure action for fans of walkers in the style of Pleisthenian times. A swirling plot, good graphics, a sea of ​​adventure and heroic deeds are waiting for you here. Run and have fun in the role of the famous superhero!

Ben Ten and his team

The main character of the Omniverse game is Ben Ten. This comic book superhero boy created by the Man of Action group is loved by children all over the world. Ben Ten is a hero of hundreds of games and cartoons. Despite his young age, he holds in fear all universal evil. Nowhere can villains hide from his anger. He catches up with them in space, exterminates them on Earth, and takes them out even in the deep bowels of the underground labyrinths. He is fluent in martial arts and any kind of weapon, and also knows how to take on the appearance of super-creatures. But it was not always like that.

Игра Бен Тен Омниверс

Until 10 years, Ben Tennyson was an ordinary little boy who spent his holidays in the wilderness carefree and boring. But since he found the magical Omnitrix device and gained the gift of being transformed into aliens, his life has completely changed. Now he is the great superhero Ben Ten, who stands guard over peace in the Universe.

Gwen's cousin became his comrade-in-arms in feats. The girl is fluent in karate, learned to use magic, and eventually discovered the gift of an alien superpower. But in this version of the game, Gwen was in trouble and her brother’s task was to save her.

Enemy Ben 10 Kevin

Kevin in the game is a negative hero, capable of absorbing energy. At one time, the boys were friends, because he protected Ben from the hooligans. But after Kevin attacked the train, Ben Ten realized that they were not on their way. In retaliation, Kevin was able to suck in part of the Omnitrix energy, which gave him superhuman abilities. For a while, he could turn into an alien from Omnivers, but then the situation got out of control and Kevin mutated into a freak based on the totality of all the monsters.

The main goal of the villain in the game: to pick up the Omnitrix to completely absorb all its energy.

Ben Ten: Omniverse graphics and gameplay

Omniverse remotely resembles the game worlds of dandy consoles in terms of gameplay and music. Therefore, especially those who feel nostalgia for the Playstation times. But at Omniverse, of course, the graphics are much richer. The hero himself and the game worlds are well drawn. But the style of play and music involuntarily resemble the good old Black cloak.

Game Ben Ten: Omniverse - adventures in the underground labyrinths

Let us first understand why the hero even had the need to go to a crypt full of dangers. To do this, look into the background.

Since Gwen was Ben Ten's sister and ally, they spent a lot of time together. So this time. After another successful mission, they returned home. On the way, they split up, and Gwen was left alone. When the boy got home, a depressing message awaited him. “Your sister is with me. If within 24 hours you don’t bring me the Omnitrix crystal, then it will die, ”the note from the villain Kevin said in a note.

To give the forces of the Omnivers to the hands of such a monster would be to destroy the whole Earth. The only way out for Ben 10 in the game was to find and free Gwen before Kevin killed her. Ben turned on navigation on the Omniverse device and began to search for the place of Gwen's disappearance. Searches led to an open hatch.

Игра Бен Тен Омниверс

Ben went down and fell into the pitch darkness of the dungeon. Hundreds of tunnels and passages blended in one crazy maze. The count went on for minutes, and it was necessary to unravel this tangle before Gwen died.

Your task in the game is to help the superhero find the right path, overcome the most dangerous obstacles, defeat all the villains and save his sister.

Use "Arrows" to control Ben 10. To shoot, press Space. To survive in the dungeon, you need to constantly replenish Omnitrix energy, so collect green circles.

Every corner of the dungeon is teeming with cyborgs, mice and other monsters that need to be shot. You will have to make your way along the platforms, climb dangerous stairs, overcome acidic rivers through shreds of soil, and bypass presses. There are a lot of traps in the game. You will need extreme agility in order to be able to pass this hellish route. This is a real challenge for the skill of the gamer.

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