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Игра Бен 10 3

Game Ben 10 3 - an exciting mixture of action, fighting, adventure and fantasy. The game is based on the motives of the famous animated series of the same name and will allow its fans to personally act in the role of an amazing super little boy. She will also delight lovers of hot chopped-off swords and martial arts.

A boy who can knee any sea and any mountains!

The hero of the game is an amazing boy. Let's dwell on his personality in order to better understand the plot. Benn Tennyson was an ordinary 10-year-old boy, like thousands of others. He dreamed of incredible adventures, great achievements and exploits. And once his dreams materialized. When he was at his grandmother's summer vacation, he went out of curiosity to explore the forest. He got into the hands of a strange alien thing - the magic crystal Omnitrix.

It contained genetic information about the DNA of 10 different alien creatures. Outwardly, the Omnitrix looked like a watch. Ben could not resist and tried on a strange thing. This second turned everything upside down in his life. In a magical way, the crystal mixed the boy’s DNA with the genes of aliens, the boy received an incredible superpower and the ability to transform into various creatures. In an instant, an ordinary ordinary boy became the greatest superhero capable of deciding the fate of the universe. But since Ben was a good boy, in the game he directed his newfound gift to the fight against evil.

Игра Бен 10 3

Game Ben 10 3: Ninja chronicles

From the day of his becoming a superhero, Ben 10 3 has been victoriously waging an unceasing war in the game with his sworn enemy Wilgax. This greatest of the aliens planned to enslave the whole galaxy and the Earth as well. But even his innumerable army doesn’t help him defeat a boy standing in his way to absolute power.

In whom only during this time Ben 10 did not reincarnate in order to defeat the treacherous Wilgax: into superfast lightning, Fiery man, a vile flying bug attacking mucus, etc. Today, in order to win, he will have to take on the appearance of a ninja.

Since Ben 10 quickly calculated the alien aliens of Wilgax, the villain decided to change tactics. He raised the spirits of the ancient ninjas, promising them immortality and all the blessings of the earth, if they help him deal with Ben 10 and take possession of the Omnitrix. Ancient fighters accepted Wilgax's offer and declared war on Ben 10.

Massacre on the island of the militant ninja

Game Ben 10 3 takes us to a wild island lost in the ocean. Like the great Jack Sparrow, the superhero Ben 10 sails to these god-forgotten lands in a large ship. Ben 10 is dressed in a ninja costume and is armed with a katana. It was on this wild island, far from civilization, that Ben decided to fight Vilgax's henchmen so that no one would be hurt.

Игра Бен 10 3

Your task in the game is to help Ben 10 fulfill his heroic mission of clearing the island from bandits. The terrain greets you unfriendly. Before you manage to go ashore in the game, as soon as the soldiers, armed to the teeth, strive to crush you into a vinaigrette. To stay in this messilov, be on the alert all the time, chop with your sword left and right. To move in the game use the "Arrows". To attack - press "Z". Jump using the “Space.”

To win, you will have to not only quickly react and thoughtlessly wave the katana, you will also have to use the logic of thinking. For example, you need to figure out how to eliminate the wall between you and the fighter. If you use your wit, you will find a lever that lifts the barrier, which you need to reach by stairs.

In the game you have to jump on dangerous platforms. The further the game enters, the more difficult it will be for Ben 10 to defeat enemies. You’ll have to climb a rope, engage in battle not just with a ninja, but with the ghosts of Aboriginal people dressed in armor. You will get a lot of pleasure from this exciting game.

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