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Игра Бег с препятствиями 2

Running is the oldest way to move and has long been used as a competition between several people. Recently, running has appeared in computer games. They immediately won fans because of their dynamics and fun gameplay.
You can find many toys in which your task will be to jump over obstacles, slip under them and do other simple things. What is worth, for example, Temple Run, a favorite of many, which has received millions of downloads around the world! True, it works only on mobile devices, but is not available on a computer. Obstacle game 2 is one of the best representatives of its genre, so it definitely deserves your attention!

First, choose the main skin for your character from several proposed ones, though there are not many of them, but from which to choose everything- still will be. And then you can buy new skins for yourself in an extensive store, and there will be a lot of them here, or more precisely, about 20 pieces, as well as costumes and hats. The store will have the opportunity to buy other cool visual effects, such as a rainbow as in the Nyan Kat game or night vision goggles. Entire packs of character changes are also sold here - for example, a demonic or disco pack, though they will have to be well spent on them!

You will have access to several options for running obstacles - online, single and collective (on one computer) modes. True, the online mode will be available only after your character overcomes level 2, but you can fight on the same keyboard with your brother or friend at any time! In the solitary section you will have two types of competition - the company and the endless, in our opinion, they do not need to be decrypted. You will also be able to choose one of 5 cards, each new one being opened, it will be only after passing the previous one!

Although the levels of this game are quite short by themselves, it may take up to 30 attempts to complete each of them, so that you need to be very persistent, or as it’s fashionable now to speak with a nerd to go through them all! But you have to try, as it will be very interesting! And if you get tired you can always fight with your friends and find out who can run faster through obstacles! Another noteworthy feature of this arcade is that with each new attempt you will be taken to a uniquely generated level, and not the same thing every time! This adds a certain buzz, because you never know what will be in front of you!

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