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Игра Баскетбол головами на двоих

Although only a few people are fond of basketball in Russia, it is still considered one of the most popular sports. He is studied at physical education classes at school, and also many circles are opened in which you can work out this fascinating activity. In this section, we will present you a flash game about basketball heads, which you can play online, completely free and without registration. In total there are 2 versions of the game, thanks to which having fully completed one of them, you can continue to have fun in 2 parts. Also, in the plans of the developers there is a release of version 3 and as soon as it appears, we will post it on our website.


The game with heads was created by the developer Mousebreaker, as continued after the overwhelming success of football goals. In principle, its gameplay and storyline were copied from them, however, now, the ball will need to be thrown not into the football goal, but into the basket, which greatly complicates the task. Unlike the previous version, there are two types of competitions:

The first is to throw as many goals as possible into the opponent’s basket, for a limited amount of time. On average, 2 minutes are given, but at some levels this time increases to 4 minutes. Also, it is noteworthy that, as in basketball, there are 2 types of hits: 3-point and 2-point. 3 points will be given to you for hitting from your half of the field. 2 points for hitting an opponent.

Second - this is the competition mode in which you will need to score 15 points faster than the opponent. This is a much more difficult mode than the first one, because until someone scores 15 points, the game will not end and with each new level the duration of the game will increase significantly, sometimes even reaching 30 minutes. Although of course, it all depends on the accuracy of your hits.

Having considered the main modes, we move on to the game. In basketball, with your heads you will have 10 opponents who need to be played alternately, each of which will be stronger than the previous one. During the game, you will have to fight with such personalities as Wilt Chambervill, Julius Earring, Michael Gordan and others.

In addition to choosing opponents, you can also see buttons with instructions and achievements, which we will now consider below. The instructions tell us about management. Everything is simple here - the movement of characters is carried out by arrows - to the right and left, the jump is the up arrow, the space bar is a punch, the longer you hold the space bar, the harder your head will hit. Here is a simple management. The following is a description of the bonuses, there are three types of them - positive, negative and neutral.


  • Increases your speed
  • You can jump higher
  • Freezes your opponent for a few seconds
  • Increases your size
  • You break your arm
  • Blocks the button for bouncing on your goal


  • Reduces the speed of the enemy
  • Does not let the enemy jump
  • Freezes you for a few seconds
  • Reduces the size of the opponent
  • Ваш соперник ломает руку
  • Blocks a button on the opponent’s bouncing


  • The ball does not jump well
  • On the contrary, it increases the jumping ability
  • It increases the size
  • Size it becomes smaller
  • Another head appears on the field that interferes with the game
  • Like football and basketball, there are achievements, or, if in Russian, achievements.

For example:

  • Win 3 seconds before the end of the match
  • Score a goal in the first 5 seconds of the match
  • And others ...

The process of playing basketball with your own heads

After choosing an opponent, we go to the start menu, where you need to click samples ate and wait 3 seconds, after which the game begins. Bonuses will appear on the field, which were discussed a little higher. To take them, you need to hit them with the ball. Also, holding the space bar, you can lead the ball across the field and jumping on the red button, throw it in the basket. Here's a review, enjoy the game! Try to become a master of this sports arcade, playing basketball with your heads both alone and together, with your best friends. Arrange tournaments and cool competitions, trying to find out who has the best reaction or more accurately will be able to throw the ball into the basket!

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