Game Barboskina 2: the whole family assembled

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Rating: 4.2
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Игра Барбоскины 2: вся семья в сборе

Greet the whole Barboskin family: a dad who works hard and tries to spend all his free time with his children, a mother who is an exemplary mother of the family and always takes care of children. A naive and still stupid Kid with big ambitions, Gena, the most intelligent and inquisitive member of the Barboskin family, Druzhka, who is the exact opposite of Gena and does not study well at school. And also Rose - a beauty and one of the most popular girls in school. And Lisa - getting along badly with her sister. Barboskina 2 game is a cool puzzle in which you have to collect all the members of the family. The hardest thing will be to collect the pieces with the background, so start assembling the puzzle with the cartoon characters.

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