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Игра Барби салон красоты

Problems on the face arise for a number of different reasons. Improper nutrition, climate change, allergies to household chemicals, pets, stress, overwork ...

This list can be continued for a very long time. Do you want to hear compliments from guys, to be the most beautiful among friends? Then welcome to the world of beauty and perfection from Barbie. The Barbie Beauty Salon game for girls is a real find for you and your girlfriends.

Игра Барби салон красоты

Do you think the main character only does what she devotes her life to beauty? Not at all! She works hard, constantly learns, and sometimes she doesn’t even have time to make a face mask or make a chic make-up. But what to do when an important event is on the nose, and the reflection in the mirror shouts: “Sit at home! No need to go anywhere! ” Gather all your will into a fist, and try to fix all the problems. After all, will you help Barbie?

There are only a few days left before an important event, namely a birthday party. Help the main character eliminate all the problems. You can arrange a beauty salon right now and here.

What procedures does the game include

First you need to get rid of the terrible acne on Barbie's face. Use a moisturizing gel for girls. In the game you need to act step by step. After you wash the gel with plain water, the time for miracles will come. Use a mask with diamonds and then a mud mask with crystals.

You see how Barbie's face becomes brighter and cleaner? Now carefully and slowly remove all acne. See the change? Oh yes, since the girl worked a lot, she launched her own eyebrows. Take the tweezers and shape the eyebrows. Be careful, because this procedure for girls is sometimes accompanied by pain and discomfort.

So, the face is clean and bright. But do not go to a girl at a party without bright makeup? The beauty salon in the game will help you combine lipstick and other decorative cosmetics correctly.

Make makeup for Barbie

But let's talk about everything in order. The game Barbie Beauty Salon allows you to make a unique hairstyle for the main character. Chose? And now use any of the five lipsticks that are perfect for the color of the dress. Now use the powder. Do you want Barbie to leave the beauty salon with snow-white skin? Or maybe a tan to her face? Try to use all the options to find the best.

Игра Барби салон красоты

The eyes need special care. What shadows are suitable for Barbie? Pearl green, blue, brown, or pink? Try to correctly emphasize the most important advantage of your girlfriend. Now let's talk about eyeliner. What pencil do you think will emphasize the shape of the eyes?

Be careful, because one wrong movement and the image will deteriorate. The final stage is mascara. By nature, Barbie has long and thick eyelashes. But you can decorate them with rhinestones or simply emphasize the beauty with high-quality mascara. Choose one of five options.

Learning while playing

Well, how? Have you saved Barbie from the problems that torment girls so often? Your beauty salon has become a real salvation? It's time to enjoy your achievements. In the game, the girl became the queen of the party! See how a bright dress with one shoulder strap harmonizes perfectly with a perfect hairstyle and stylish makeup! You really helped the girl. Indeed, literally in a matter of minutes she turned into a beauty!

Thanks to the game Barbie Beauty Salon, you learned some secrets that every representative of the fair sex must know. Do you also want to look always on top? Remember that only in the game such successes can be achieved in a few minutes.

In life, you have to spend a lot of time to hear compliments from others every day. If mom already allows you to use cosmetics, then remember to use cleansers and creams at the right time. After all, one remedy is suitable for winter, and the other is aimed at moisturizing the skin in a hot season.

And if you do not know how to pluck your eyebrows, then also ask your elders for advice. Mom will teach you how to use tweezers, and if she considers it necessary, she will lead you to real professionals in a beauty salon who will help emphasize all the advantages!

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