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Игра Барби показ мод

Girls are very fond of dressing up their dolls in all kinds of clothes. They especially like to wear little things on the beautiful Barbie, because for her many nice dresses, blouses, skirts, blouses and other dresses are produced. It’s not easy to assemble a large collection of real clothes for a real doll - it is much easier to load a dress up game, which presents the best designer collection.

All that remains to be done is to make a harmonious composition of available things that will be to emphasize the natural beauty of Barbie.
The doll on the game screen is even ready for radical changes in its appearance. It stands near an open cabinet, and it contains objects that can be used in the guise of Barbie.

What is the game about

Barbie’s game fashion show begins with such fundamental things as updating the hairstyle: Luxurious fair-haired curls can be replaced with even light strands, slightly curly dark curls, a short haircut of a square, long bright red hair, or a fluffy and well-laid dark brown mop. Any of these hairstyles looks just great, and each can become the main for the future image.

On the same game page as the hairdresser's tools, it is proposed to choose stockings for the doll. There are also quite classic models, such as white with horizontal stripes, and very extravagant, such as transparent with bright red hearts, or black and white, making Barbie look like Pippi Long Stocking.
After completing this stage of the Barbie fashion show, pay attention to the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Variety of outfits

By clicking on the right, you will change things in the wardrobe. Now it is filled with dresses and suits. In both compartments, chic outfits are collected! With them, Barbie at the fashion show will make a splash. One of the dresses, white, is made in a wedding style - maybe the doll plans to become a bride in the near future?

Another, pink, brings back memories of the warm spring - it will be very pleasant to walk in it in a green park full of bright flowers. Violet-red outfit looks very bright, but still made in a business style. Barbie can wear it for going to the office or to a business meeting. There are avant-garde dresses here, with an uneven skirt or rich abstract patterns.

Игра Барби показ мод

The game program offers several evening dresses suitable for social events, presentations or concerts. Since Barbie shows fashion for women of all ages, you can also wear youth costumes. Such as pink breeches and a black T-shirt with rhinestones, a black sleeveless jacket and unusual pink-black trousers, a lilac miniskirt and a small topic.

Change the set of things in the closet again, and so go to the last game stage. Here, Barbie is invited to put on precious jewelry, give her a suitable handbag and put nice shoes or boots on her legs.

Barbie accessories are also important

Try different earrings and necklaces to identify exactly those that perfectly complement the image created before this. Jewelry is very important for such beauties as Barbie, and they are worn thoughtfully - it is required to maintain the general harmony of style, and does not seek to fasten something bright on the girl.

The same applies to handbags. She has a dual role. First of all, this is a place to store useful little things. It seems that Barbie still does not know what to carry with her things is more convenient and useful in a backpack and seeks to bring fashionable handbags with her. Therefore, the accessory should be beautiful, combined with all the clothes.

Игра Барби показ мод

When choosing shoes in the Barbie game, a fashion show can be imagined about the weather outside. If it’s hot there, Barbie is more suitable for light sandals. In the cold season it is much better to take high boots.

All the things in the game put on a doll model very easily and just as easily change. It is enough to grab the item with the mouse cursor and drag it onto the Barbie figure. He will not only linger there, but will also take his due place on the girl’s body. Just one click on the button in the lower menu will completely strip the doll, and design work will begin again!

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