Barbie Game: Fashion Show 2

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Игра Барби: показ мод 2

A stunning game for girls who love the Barbie doll, rave in fashion and feel a desire for sewing. Launch the game Barbie: Fashion Show 2 and prove yourself as a designer by developing a collection of clothes for a fashion show.

The main character is an athlete, fashionista, creative personality and just a beautiful girl

Who does not know the legendary doll, which was invented by the American developer Ruth Handler in 1959! Even boys and men heard of her. Since its inception, Barbie has been triumphantly striding around the world, conquering millions of hearts of girls of any nation.

Thanks to her stunning appearance, she became the standard of beauty for girls. Such a massive popularity led to the fact that a lot of cartoons and games were filmed about her.

This most fashionable and stylish beauty shines with outfits and lives in a luxurious house. No one can resist the charm of this charming blonde with languid blue eyes. The perfection of the features of her face and figure involuntarily attracts and bewitches.

Игра Барби: показ мод 2

And the scale of the wardrobe delight her young fans. In her roomy cabinets there is an unlimited choice of suits, dresses, T-shirts, skirts for every taste and for all kinds of occasions. Also, the wardrobe impresses with a host of accessories. There are shoes, straps, handbags and jewelry for any outfit.

Is not such a klondike outfit a dream of any girl? Cases full of clothes allow Barbie to easily transform for any role. For example, a Barbie business lady dresses in strict suits, a Barbie princess amazes with her ball gowns, a Barbie athlete dresses up in stylish and comfortable for an active lifestyle things. This list can be enumerated endlessly.

It's nice that her virtues do not end with beautiful external data. In games, Barbie boasts good character qualities. She is responsible, patient, friendly, sincere, believes in love and values ​​friendship, therefore she will never leave loved ones in trouble. And she loves animals: cats, dogs, rabbits, horses.
You can not remain silent about the talents of the main character of the game Barbie: fashion show 2. Since Barbie is endowed with an incredibly beautiful and melodious voice, she is a great singer. Girls do not cease to admire her culinary talents. She amazingly knows how to cook any dishes: pizza, sweets, etc.
Despite the fact that she is the first beauty, in games Barbie does not shy from being a good hostess. In her house, perfect cleanliness always reigns. In games, she is a true all-rounder. Whatever Barbie takes, any matter is argued in her golden hands. And being a positive girl, she does any work with a smile.
This optimism helps her to overcome difficulties and trials in games and cartoons, to get out of difficult situations. Thanks to these advantages, her friends really appreciate her, and the groom Ken adores her.
For girls, she became a real ideal and role model. By her example, Barbie clearly shows what a real lady should be.
Игра Барби: показ мод 2

Barbie game: fashion show 2. Designing a collection

But, despite a whole bunch of her talents and advantages, the most basic hobby this beauty is always fashion. Barbie does not miss a single show of clothes. She always goes to Paris for a fashion week, when leading world designers demonstrate their masterpieces of collections for each season.

Thanks to this, the girl understands the smallest subtleties of the art of dressing up and knows about the latest trends. She admires the greatest couturiers like Galliano, Valentino, Sonya Riquel, etc.

And now she had a dream to become a famous designer herself and become famous all over the world with her collections of clothes. Moreover, she has an innate gift.

In this game, girls need to help Barbie get ready for the upcoming fashion show. In her studio, you will develop models of clothing for display. Choose a model of a T-shirt and work out every detail of it: select the color, fabric, sleeves for a T-shirt, etc. in the game. Then proceed to the development of the skirt: choose your favorite model, fabric for its tailoring. Next, you need to choose a belt so that the suit has a finished look. Remember that the color and design of the various components of the toilet should be in harmony with each other. Do not be afraid to experiment. Remember that it is in the process of experiments that truly amazing models are born.

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