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Игра Алхимия 2

Our entire material world consists of small elements that we can only see by looking under a microscope, and some are completely invisible to modern technology and they are only simulated on a computer! But in the game Alchemy 2, you can try to create a whole world of only 4 elements - fire, water, air and earth. From some spiritual teachings, as well as computer games, we know that these 4 substances are considered the ancestors of everything else! Check this! Try to cross the wind with the earth, fire with water, water with the wind and create new substances! In total, there will be, as it seems to us, more than 380 elements, so that you can feel like a real alchemist! The logic of this game is extremely simple, like the device itself (which is typical for any game in alchemy)! Cross elements with each other, transferring one square to another! But do it deliberately, and do not sort through all the possible options, because it is so much more interesting!

Try to figure out how to open absolutely all the elements! And also, choosing each of them, you will be able to see the full recipe for its preparation, starting from the initial fire, water, etc. In addition to the recipe, a small description will be shown in the corner, which will be very useful for general development to read! After reading all the descriptions, you will improve your horizons and probably guess what elements still need to be crossed! Play Alchemy 2 online and enjoy your favorite game right on your computer! True, you won’t be able to save achievements, so remember or write down all the recipes!

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