Agario worms game

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Игра Агарио червяки

This multiplayer game combines the popular fun of Agario and the classic game of Snake. You will get a small crawling character who can grow if he eats pieces of colorful food. The larger the worm, the less maneuverable it is - it needs to beware of collisions with the worms of other players. Encountering them, your worm crumbles into pieces of food.

Агарио червяки

They are very nutritious and allow game heroes to grow very quickly. Since the game Agario worms scatters even large creatures that are faced with small ones, participants should try to expose their sides to the blows of other worms - they will crumble, and the cunning will be able to eat the remaining food from them.

Chevyaki want to eat

When playing Worms in Agario, one can imagine that the screen shows real creatures competing with each other in a desperate desire to survive and become the largest individual in the district. The small feed created by the computer is very good for a starting push in growth. There are many around him and just crawling in the location of an online game, your character will increase. But he will have to feed so long to reach substantial size. It will be possible to achieve a much better result if you play an aggressive game - correctly thinking through your actions, you can find yourself on the trajectory of other worms.

To simplify the attacking maneuvers, the Agario Worms game allows you to make a breakthrough and quickly get in the way of another player. This action is available to medium and large worms. To activate the jerk, you need to click the left mouse button.

It is in the pursuit of food that snakes creep Agario. Play thoughtfully, and your ward will eat well! For example, when you meet a very large snake, you can crawl along its long body. After all, it happens that someone came across such a giant, but the player managing it either did not notice it, or could not eat everything.

Playing Agario Worms is not easy, but do not leave attempts

The special joy of playing arcade AI is the interaction of real people from different parts of the world. Each snake does not act according to the programmed pattern, but spontaneously, according to human decisions. Of course, this makes the game a little more complicated - because in game virtuality you will surely find experienced gamers who clearly know the methods of attack and defense, understand how to behave in different situations. But this should not confuse you, because you yourself can become such a powerful player!

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