3D soccer game

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Игра 3д футбол

You hit, you hit the goal, but they don't let you run. And you want to rush like lightning across the field sweeping away everything in its path. Now you can rush around the field as much as you like. Frolic, pass the ball to each other, take it away from the opponent, but try not to lose and remember, you need to score this little white ball into the big goal. Accelerate and rush along the football field faster than the wind. Watch repetitions of successful shots and vice versa of unsuccessful moments when the ball flew into your goal. The game 3D football with people has a small screen resolution but 3D stadium.

Depending on which team you choose, the design of the stadium will also change. The time of day can also be different. Play football in the rain and slush, in the cold and in the sultry heat, in a hurricane and under the light of bright stars. And all for the sake of victory. Victory over several dozens of opposing teams is the sweetest award that can be. No money can replace the joys of victory and superiority, but they will be a pleasant plus and the opportunity to treat yourself with expensive gifts.

  • X or N - pass
  • C or M - hit
  • Arrows or WASD - move around the field

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