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Game Zuma on the farm

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Игра Зума на ферме

Recently we already described games where a toad and a kangaroo should shoot balls, but here everything will be even more unusual, because a rabbit will become a shooter, and instead of balls there will be funny bugs that and strive to get to the bush and gobble it up. Do not let them do it and go through all 12 levels of flash zoom games!

Beetles! A bunch of running and swarming bugs! How disgusting, really! It is difficult to find a person who would love insects and was ready to watch their small world, since for most people they cause only disgust! But not this time! This flash game cannot be disgusted, as the inhabitants of the farm will be very cute colorful creatures resembling balls, but having legs with which they move around the field, and eyes allowing them not to crash into each other. Now we will tell you what types of bugs are.

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