Games for children 5 years old

Игры для детей 5 лет картинка

What to do when you are only 5 years old? The school is not so close yet, but I want to get new knowledge, especially in a simple and entertaining way. Include games for children of 5 years and try to learn interesting and important things. Some arcades will tell children about the structure of the world: why the sky is blue, the grass is green, and the fish breathe right in the water. Other games will teach useful practical skills: count, write, draw. Regular training on them will help you learn the alphabet and increase the speed by adding up the numbers.

Games for children of five years old are not only useful trainers, but also fun holidays. You should not study constantly, otherwise the brain will begin to melt. In children's arcades, a young player can choose entertainment to taste - with his favorite character from a cartoon or a movie, or play in a certain genre, but in different incarnations. It can be races, runners, platformers and puzzles.

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Игра Когама: Мировые гонки Kogama: World Racing
4.6 || | 584
Игра Когама: Макдональдс Kogama: McDonald's
4.4 | || 672
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