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Our site with games is devoted to all kinds of online arcades available directly from your browser! Moreover, if you think that all of them are intended exclusively for children, then you are deeply mistaken, because adults also love flash games! True, they play them on mobile phones and tablets! Although, in their free time, many adults still allow themselves to relax a bit and play at the computer! But no matter who you are - a child or an adult, our site is open to everyone and everyone can enjoy amazing strategies, fights and races. Here you will find many games for every taste, choose!


Any boy loves entertainment and the better they are, the more time he spends after them. Internet games for boys should be special! Here, boys will find the coolest races, interesting shooting games, difficult strategies, as well as simulators of fights and other activities. And also, boys will be able to find on the pages of our website games with their favorite cartoon characters! Sonic, Mario, Spider-Man, Ben 10 and other heroes are already waiting for you! Well, if our little heroes want to save the earth, then they simply must go to sections about zombies or aliens! In addition to equation characters, children will be able to ride a tank, fly a plane and even jump with a parachute.

But isn’t it harmful to play games? As they say, this is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, shooters perfectly develop attentiveness, and races help improve reaction! And even more useful will be the logical genre, namely - chess, checkers, sea battle, puzzles and riddles! Performing such tasks, the child will develop his intellectual abilities and have fun! And most importantly, developmental games are free!

On the other hand, if a child is constantly sitting at a computer, he may become addicted, which will negatively affect his academic success. So we advise parents to ensure that their child does not spend all the time at the computer, and at least once every few days walks on the street.


Contrary to general misconception, girls also like to play games! And more often than not in shooting games and races, but in various thematic dress-ups, runners and walkers. After all, girls are much more interested in dressing in various outfits of dolls than running around with a machine gun and destroying terrorists. And if before dolls dressed up in real life, now it can be done online. Create the most unimaginable outfits and show them to your girlfriends!

In addition to dressing ups, any girl loves cooking, but not always parents are allowed to do this. Fortunately, on the Internet you can cook absolutely any kind of food, starting from huge and very sweet cakes, ending with hamburgers and other fast food. Becoming a chef in online games is very easy, the most important thing is to want it!

The most popular kitchen simulators is a series about Sarah’s kitchen, fully translated into Russian. In it, any girl can learn how to cook simple dishes, and then, together with her parents, try to make them in the real world.

Online games are an amazing world of bright colors and favorite characters that you will remember for a lifetime! But do not forget that in addition to them, there are still many interesting entertainments in the world. Walk with your friends, discover new and interesting places in your city, visit shopping centers and amusement parks, and also do not forget about studying. Learning is very useful, and much more useful than sitting at a computer!